Nicolas Mejia

Role: Director of Partner Development & Chief of Marketing

Interests: ​Traveling, teaching, computer repair, spending time with family, and cheering on our elementary school Robotics Team!

Favorite Thing About Working At F4E: I get to work with motivated and brilliant companies and people who have integrity. We work as a team and support one another in doing big things.                     

Our creation team

Paul Skye

Role: Video & Audio Marketing


meet the strategy team

Who We Are


​Our consultants here at F4E come from an impressive range of backgrounds and education. Our staff’s diversity lets us find the best solution for making your ideas successful. We come from a variety of disciplines and career paths, ensuring that our approach considers all angles. Basically, whenever you have an idea, we produce a strategy to make that idea work. We won’t rest until you’re completely satisfied with the outcome of how we can make your business run smoothly.

Vivian Lang

Role: Customs & Overseas Process Relations Manager


Alyssa Erin

Role: Photography and Graphic Designer


Anita Rodriquez

Role: Packaging & Logistics Manager

Interests: ​Cooking, Reading, Spending time with family, Exploring the Pacific Northwest, and being a mother and wife.

Favorite Thing About Working At F4E: Working as the Packaging & Logistics Manager at F4E allows me to impact how customers get to know us and the brands we are representing. Finding creative ways to represent a brand while offering proper product protection is challenging and rewarding. Packaging also allows direct solutions to increase productivity and fulfillment times. 

Mike Mejia

Role: Senior Financial Adviser & Bookkeeping 

Interests: ​Cross-fit, Crunching Numbers, Spending time with family, traveling and watching my Seattle Seahawks. 

Favorite Thing About Working At F4E: My coworkers! It's great to be part of a team that is so supportive of each others' growth and success. Things happen and change pretty quickly here, so work is never boring, and we're always learning, evolving, and growing.